Microscope System for Sperm Detection



IF-Manual Pkg HY-LITERTM Microscope System for Sperm Detection.

Zeiss Axioscope A1 with Optimized Phase Contrast Accessories, Upgraded Fluorescence Illumination with IFI Exclusive Fluorescence cube set (customized for brightest signal, least background), Digital Imaging System with widefield parfocal coupler, color digital CCD camera, laptop or desktop PC / flat panel monitor complete with preinstalled / pretested / precalibrated software.

Package includes:

5 SPERM HY-LITER Staining kits (Medium) Sufficient reagents and supplies for a minimum of 250 analyses using extracts on dual well slides or 125 analyses on smear slides (or combination thereof).

1 IFI Molecular Biology Grade DTT Pkg. for SPERM HY-LITER staining

Includes 100 single use tubes/box. DTT is pre-made, pre-aliquoted, QA/QC tested for forensic laboratory use.

1 EXCLUSIVE Independent Forensics Training (not sold separately)

Includes two day installation and onsite hands-on training with SPERM HY-LITER staining, reagents, validation, forensic DNA work flow integration, equipment, digital image capture and microscopical methods. Training provided by an Independent Forensics’ Ph.D. scientist and a staff microscopist with 38 prior SPERM HY-LITER installations.

NEW: Also includes 1 year web based online technical help and work flow integration seminar.